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Continual development and innovations

POINT CZ printing company was established by the brothers Vladimír and Michal Sázavský in 1993. They are till today not only owners but primarily leading movers of the continual technological development. That is why, the printing plant ranks among the most significant printing enterprises. Emphasis is placed on the control process in the area of customers´ service. Having linked the conventional and digital printing technologies controlled by a specialized information system, POINT CZ printing company meets the most advanced industrial trends Industry 4.0.

Print is still irreplaceable

Even in today’s world flooded with digital communication, print is still irreplaceable. That feeling when you hold a truly beautiful object in your hands, an object with a pleasant smell, which you can feel in the palms of your hands, one you can unfold and bend, no electronic document can beat this feeling no matter how beautifully designed. This is what gives printed materials their exclusivity and uniqueness, which cannot be erased with one key [DEL] :)

If you really mean it, print it.

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